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Shanghai Huji kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd is an Joint venture which specialized in produce the equipment used in kitchen & Bath. From 2003,the year company operated, enterprise with it advanced technology and own characteristic, high quality and perfect services, Leading the development of the industry and the update of product .Furthermore . with the rich experience . Innovation and safety solutions , the company become one of the industry to manufactory the product. The business recognized by “CCC” of China Quality certification Centre (CQC). And in 2009, company awarded the titles of “Best-selling brand” “most satisfaction product”. In 2012 , won the title of “Company in Shanghai can be trust in the field of decorate and renew” .And also in last year, get the title of “Five-star advanced institutions”

Shanghai Huji kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd use its own brand name, brand of Huji, to produce Integrated Stove, Smoke Exhaust, Sterilizer, Gas Stove, Bathroommaster, ventilator, Stainless Steel Water Trough. Faucet and some other series equipment used in kitchen and Bathroom. Our company sell the product in several place , such as Macalline, Homrmart, Jeshin, Home900, Haoshijia, Tfyjl and so on. The company set own stores and counters in these place to sell the goods.

“Pursuit of excellent. Advocating high quality” is the ideal of the company to start a business. Over the years. Company adhere to Company tenet of high quality, advanced technology, deep diversity, to created advanced technology and the methods of management. Under Concentrate on development and delicately made, the series product can meet different consumers’ demand. This action not only improve the people’s life of kitchen and bath deeply, but also promote the change of traditional ideal. With the product of Huji came out which have the feature of simply. Dignity, tasteful, take the Epoch-making revolution in heat for kitchen life and bath .

Today, Huji become the leader in the field of kitchen and bath equipment industry. In the future, Huji will more focus on improve the quality of life, input more enthusiasm and development of professional . Our company will continually Create more valuable goods, provide high perfect service as always, In order to make a space which belong to consumer to enjoy their equipment used in kitchen and bath.

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